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Blue Signals is a Politecnico di Milano spin-off and innovative firm. We deliver cutting-edge solutions for the design of secure and efficient computing platforms.

Inspect Studio

Side-channel attacks represent a critical security threat for any computing platform in the IoT. Inspect Studio delivers a comprehensive solution to analyze and surgically pinpoint the side-channel vulnerabilities during the entire hardware-software design flow. Inspect Studio targets both programmable computing platforms and hardware accelerators.

Secure hardware primitives

Cryptography represents the de facto standard solution to ensure the security of any sensitive data exchanged and transmitted in the IoT. However, the side-channel and fault attacks pose a severe and real threat to the security of any computing platform. In this scenario, we deliver an extensive portfolio of secure hardware primitives.

Blue Signals academy

Security is nowadays crucial know-how for the design of embedded systems and IoT devices. Our team, composed of professors from Politecnico di Milano and senior industrial members, provides hardware and software security training in a classroom setting, online, or in presence, to offer the most up-to-date knowledge in the field.

About Us

We are entrepreneurs. We are researchers. We are game-changers. We are a team. We are partners.

Blue Signals Srl (Polimi spin-off) started in 2021 in Milan, Italy, as the result of 5+ years of research on the hardware design of secure embedded systems led by prof. W. Fornaciari and prof. D. Zoni at Politecnico di Milano. In late 2019, we won the Swith2Product innovation challenge organized by Politecnico di Milano, Università Bocconi, Centro nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and Deloitte Officine Innovazione, also receiving a corporate grant from Enovia Spa. In 2020, we received an investment by Poli360 that allowed the off-the-ground of the business.

Blue Signals aims to become a game-changer and technology leader in the digital design of secure hardware solutions for the IoT, combining the disruptive and cutting edge innovation of research into industrial IoT products with no compromise in terms of quality. At Blue Signals, we believe in the limitless potential of talented and motivated young people to create a strong team with heterogeneous skills that can dominate the complexity of the ever-changing digital world.

The next frontier for us is to become one of the world leaders in the design and analysis of secure computing platforms, embracing from the beginning any upcoming threat and novel secure technology, such as quantum security, side-channel attacks, and fault-attacks.

  • Vision - Trusted leaders to simplify the design of a more secure digital world
  • Mission - Disruptive angle in the design and implementation of secure hardware
  • Strategy - Top quality solutions blending academic and industrial mindsets

We are entrepreneurs - We are business-minded, and we enjoy creating solutions to increase safety, security, and trust in the upcoming digital society. We are obsessed with customers' satisfaction, and we always want to find the best solution to any request.

We are researchers - We are thrilled to constantly work at the edge, innovate, and invent novel solutions to make the digital world safer and more secure for everyone. Our attitude is toward constant experimentation and innovation coupled with a rigorous validation methodology to assess any innovative hypothesis.

We are game-changers - We have two souls: the academic one and the industrial one. The academic side demands constant innovation and creativity, while the industrial side imposes that each new product can make a difference in society. By constantly balancing our two souls, we deliver outstanding and disruptive solutions.

We are a team - We are a team founded on a set of values shared by any company member. We constantly support the creativity and curiosity of any member of the team to identify new disruptive technologies. Such core values bring us together well beyond the working hour.

We are partners - We strongly believe that the innovation and the success of any company are constantly fueled by the potential of talented and smart young people. To this end, we are keen to deliver turbo-charged careers for outstanding people willing to make a difference.

Research and Development

Security across the entire hardware design flow

The ever-increasing security and time-to-market requirements make the design of efficient computing platforms at the edge a critical and complex task. Side-channel and fault attacks offer a new way to breach into the physical instances of any computing platform, including those implementing mathematically secure cryptographic primitives. The hardware and software designers must employ a novel design style to secure the computing platforms from such new threats. However, the training to master such design techniques is known to be extremely expensive and time-consuming. To this end, our technology highlights the security holes during the design and prototyping of any computing platform, i.e., from IoT gadgets up to complex high-end embedded systems at the edge, leveraging the information at the hardware level to surgically pinpoint any vulnerability to side-channel and fault attacks. Our technology can then automatically fix the vulnerabilities by modifying the hardware design while preserving the original performance and functionality.

Cutting-edge security for IoT solutions

Cryptography enables securing the transmission and elaboration of sensitive, personal, and critical data. However, the steady refinement and evolution of the cyber-attacks combined with the ever-increasing efficiency requirements of the computing platforms make the design of cryptographic primitives a critical and complex task. On the other hand, the recent advancements in quantum computing threaten to make traditional public-key cryptography obsolete in the near future. By carefully following the standardization processes of the most prominent authorities in the field, e.g., US NIST, we investigate the design of a complete set of lightweight and post-quantum cryptographic primitives, physical unclonable functions (PUFs), true random number generators (TRNGs), and quantum random number generators (QRNGs). Our solutions include designing and optimizing the hardware/software interfaces to integrate the secure modules with the target computing platform efficiently.



Davide Zoni

Co-founder and CEO

William Fornaciari

Co-founder and CFO

Giuseppe Massari


Andrea Galimberti

Hardware specialist

Michele Piccoli

Software specialist



via Modonesi 2, 29122, Piacenza, Milan Area, Italy